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InstantStretch v3.1 is a Fully Automated Stretching Routine Software with an easy-to-use interface to quickly and easily create an unlimited number of stretching routines. Create, Print, Save and Email stretching routines from a database of 135 different stretching exercises. Create stretching routines for yourself or for your clients with easy to follow high quality photographs and detailed instructions. Designed by Brad Walker, a Health Science graduate of the University of New England who has postgraduate accreditations in athletics, swimming and triathlon coaching. Brad has used his more than 20 years of experience to design this comprehensive and easy-to-use software. Brad has worked with elite level and world champion athletes and has lectured for Sports Medicine Australia on injury prevention. With InstantStretch v3.1, you can create routines for specific sports, for specific muscle groups, for warming up, for cooling down and for sports injury prevention quickly and easily with the push of a button. It's as easy as inputting some personal information to identify who the routine is for, selecting your level of fitness, deciding how many stretches you want in your routine, choosing an existing stretching routine or creating one of your own, choosing the sport or the muscle group the routine is for and then saving, printing or emailing the routine. InstantStretch is ideal for coaches and personal trainers, for pro athletes and serious competitors and for sporting enthusiasts looking to improve their performance. With InstantStretch you'll be creating safe, effective stretching routines in no time. In fact InstantStretch is the quick and easy way to design unlimited stretching routines today, starting from scratch in less than 60 seconds - Guaranteed!

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